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While reviewing the market, technology and economic issues for Data Centres, our industry experts have identified the main challenges facing the market now and in the future:

  • The Economy
    • Will growth continue aggressively despite the economic environment?
    • Will corporate users come under more pressure to outsource?
  • The Power Struggle
    • New high density technology increasing power consumption?
    • Higher power drives higher cooling - what can be done?
    • Power has run out in the South East - what next?
  • The top ecological concern
    • New green data centres offer reduced costs despite rising energy prices - is this the correct strategy?

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“…….. the subject matter was topical and comprehensive and the publication is unique in my view in terms of providing such a wide diversity of relevant material in one document…”
Matthew Farrow, Finance Director
Servo Computer Services Limited

"This is a comprehensive view of the UK data centre issues and economics.”
Graham Titterington

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